• This contract confirms our participation in the Partners Card fundraising program to benefit Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute Auxiliary, an Arkansas non-profit organization. We agree to offer a 20% discount excluding alcohol.

    The following conditions apply:

    - The Partners Card entitles shoppers to a 20% discount during the 10-day shopping period from October 26 - November 4, 2018 ONLY. The Partners Card is non-transferable.
    - We agree to advise all restaurant/merchant personnel of this agreement, and to promote the purchase of the Partners Card.
    - We acknowledge that the Cancer Institute Auxiliary retains all proceeds from the sale of the Card.
    - The Cancer Institute Auxiliary assumes no liability in connection with Partners Card or otherwise.
    - We are not required to honor the Partners Card 20% discount on already reduced “sale” merchandise.
    - All store merchandise is to be discounted 20% for Partners Card holders unless otherwise noted on the contract.
    - Compliance with these conditions is required for continued participation in Partners Card.


  • - Management and sales personnel agree to promote the purchase of the card. - We understand that the Partners Card is to be issued only to individuals (not families or companies). - We agree to make the Card available for purchase in our store(s) from October 1 through November 4. - We agree to control validated cards and the funds received from card sales until collection.
  • If you have questions, call Susan Jones (501) 686-8286 or email jonessusank@uams.edu or shhenry@uams.edu